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1st Step

The class for which a child is tested is determined according to the child’s age as on 1st April (Because academic session starts in April)

2nd Step

Parents willing to admit a child should first register the child and complete the admission form at the school office

3rd Step

Admission is subject to getting through an admission test/interview


Montessori Reception

An informal individual admission test is taken combined with an interview with both the parents. Generally, the reading level of a child, the vocabulary and concepts of colors and number are assessed. In addition, the confidence of the child, the level of spoken English and motor skills are taken into consideration.

Montessori Junior & Senior

Candidates for class Montessori Junior and Senior are tested in three subjects-English, Urdu & Mathematics. For this purpose, after registration, the syllabus for the test is provided.

Class I to V

Applicants for class I to V are tested in three subjects-English Urdu & Mathematics.

Class VI to IX

Applicants for class VI to IX are tested in four subjects-English, Urdu, Mathematics & Science.

Admission Formalities

  1. Details should be collected from the school office as soon as information is received that the child has qualified for the admission.
  2. At the time of admission, a non-refundable admission fee and monthly fee of current month are payable.
  3. Admission remains provisional and is not confirmed unless the following documents are submitted.
  1. School leaving certificate and progress report card from the previous school attended.
  2. Copy of birth certificate / B-Form. Original should be produced at the time of interview.
    Admission fee is non-refundable. The admission fee and tuition fee are subject to review from time to time with or without notice due to inflation and increase in direct and indirect costs.

Age Limitation

Montessori Reception
Between   2 Years 5 Months to 3 Years 4 Months
Montessori Junior
Between   3 Years 5 Months to 4 Years 4 Months
Montessori Senior
Between   4 Years 5 Months to 5 Years 4 Months
Grade I
Between   5 Years 5 Months to 6 Years 4 Months
Grade II
Between   6 Years 5 Months to 7 Years 4 Months
Grade III
Between   7 Years 5 Months to 8 Years 4 Months
Grade IV
Between   8 Years 5 Months to 9 Years 4 Months
Grade V
Between   9 Years 5 Months to 10 Years 4 Months
Grade VI
Between   10 Years 5 Months to 11 Years 4 Months
Grade VII
Between   11 Years 5 Months to 12 Years 4 Months
Grade VIII
Between   12 Years 5 Months to 13 Years 4 Months
Grade IX
Between   13 Years 5 Months to 14 Years 4 Months
Grade X
Between   14 Years 5 Months to 15 Years 4 Months
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