+92 21 36651819 (Campus I)

+92 21 36654978 (Campus II)


The school has 33 classrooms in all for the formal teaching and learning process. These classrooms have been set up in a way that provide real educational environment both for the teachers as well as the students. This educational environment of the classrooms help in quick motivation and make the students ready to receive the knowledge what the teacher is going to deliver.
Each classroom is spacious and airy and the students are provided with comfortable seating arrangements. There are white boards and standard quality desks in these classrooms. Many of these classrooms have been carpeted. These classrooms have sufficient number of fans. A permanent electrician has been appointed to keep the appliances upto date and in working condition. In case of load shedding of electricity, the school has two heavy generators to provide electricity without any intermittent.
All the classrooms meant for preprimary classes are carpeted and well painted walls to excite the students. All such classrooms have been provided with audio-visual aids for enjoyable learning for the kids.

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