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Montessori House

It had long been felt that there must be a section of the school where little kids, who are still not at an age to start formal education, are provided something to play while they are acquainted with the most common things they find around themselves. Along with the environment of "Play and Learn", they are made familiar with the discipline of an educational institution.
Since, as a principle, we do not begin anything new unless we are fully prepared for it to do it in a better way, it took so long to set up such a section.
At last, by the grace of ALLAH, such section "THE MONTESSORI HOUSE", has been inaugurated in 2011.A very large hall is meant for this section. It is furnished with carpets, colourful paintings that not only have visual attraction but also provide knowledge about most common things the kids find around them. It is equipped with educational toys, teaching aids and an L.C.D screen for viewing live performance and other information. Here the kids learn something valuable while they play. Meanwhile they are acquainted with good manners and discipline in an educational institution. A qualified and trained Montessori Directress manipulates this section.
But it is not the end. We shall keep on improving it to make a model MONTESSORI HOUSE in Karachi.

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