+92 21 36651819 (Campus I)

+92 21 36654978 (Campus II)

School Library

The school library is housed in a large hall of 40' x 24' . It consists of 22 steel almirahs of 10' x 3' and 22 chairs. The library accumulates books on various topics.

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Computer Laboratory

The school has a well furnished computer laboratory where students are taught practical computer education on Pentium-4 version as a compulsory subject.

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Science Laboratory

The school is proud of having such a large and well furnished science laboratory. It is equipped with all the necessary instruments needed for Matriculation.

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The school is proud of having such large and well furnished classes. There are fifty rooms only for classes and every class room has all the facilities which promote students to read.

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A very large hall is meant for this section. It is furnished with carpets, colourful paintings that not only have visual attraction but also provide knowledge

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There is a wide open space inside the school which is carpeted with green grass. Swings, slides, merry-go-round etc have been provided in this area for the little kids to play and enjoy during their recess.

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The school has already three watchmen to protect and guard each and every thing inside the campus.

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