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School History

Aziz-e-Millat High School was founded in 1978.It is situated at plot No: ST-I, sector 15/B Orangi Town, Karachi. The plot on which it is situated comprises of about 20,000 sq. Yds. The school is not the property of any individual. It runs under a registered association “Anjuman-e-Ilmo Adab” in favour of which the plot of the school has been leased. The fundamental aim to set up the school is to eradicate illiteracy. Since then, the school has not moved an eta from its aim and objectives. The school is temporarily housed in a single storey building. The proposed school building is yet to be constructed. The school provides the students a good educational environment with the modern facilities. The school runs in two shifts_ the morning shift is meant for boys whereas the afternoon shift is for girls. The school provides transport facilities to students. The Chairman, Mr. Muhammad Noor, observed that some parents in Orangi Town send their children to school outside Orangi Town. The number of such parents increased year by year.
In quest of the facts behind this, Mr. Muhammad Noor himself made queries to a few of these parents and other well-informed people. It was revealed that such parents send their children to school outside Orangi Town so that their children cannot only get meaningful education but are also provided an environment where English is spoken throughout. This revelation became the basis of the idea of Mr. Muhammad Noor that he should provide a school in Orangi Town for such parents and make them free from thinking to send their children outside Orangi Town as well as unnecessary troubles in this regard.
After a hard struggle, this idea was at last materialized by Mr. Muhammad Noor in April, 2004 in the form of Aziz-e-Millat High School, Campus II. The School also runs a vocational Centre in collaboration with Rotary Club of Karachi Continental where girls and women are trained in the trade of Dress Making and Fashion Designing on a very nominal charges of Rs. 75/- per month. The School financially aids the poor and deserving students of the Centre in appearing at Sindh Board of Technical Examination.

Mission Statement

Aims & Objectives

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Principal(Campus One)

Shaista Nasar

Principal(Campus Two)

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