+92 21 36651819 (Campus I)

+92 21 36654978 (Campus II)

Teaching Staff

There are 153 teachers in both the campuses of Aziz-e-Millat High School. Most of them are well trained and highly qualified having graduation and master degree in different faculties.

Teacher Supervisors

For smooth running and monitoring the teachers' performances, teacher supervisors have been appointed in both the Campuses.


To look after all the financial matters Mr. Abdul Hameed and Mrs. Sadia Perwaiz have been appointed as accountants. They are very experienced in their field. Mr. Abdul Hameed deals with the financial affairs of Campus I whereas Mrs. Sadia Perwaiz deals with that of Campus II.

Computer Instructors

Mr. Arsalan and Miss Seema teach computer science to the students. Mr. Arsalan looks after all the matters regarding computer science in campus I & Miss Seema looks after all the matters regarding computer science in campus II.


Mr. Kaleemullah is the librarian of our school library “Allama Raghib Ahsan Memorial Library”. He is a very active & industrious person and personally takes keen interest in the affairs of the library. He maintains all the necessary registers viz. stock register, classified book register, issue register etc. He is especially very keen in guiding the students relating issue of books to them.

Scout trainer

Mr. Alam Saim is an award winner scout leader. His services have been hired to train our students to become good scouts. He occasionally takes our students to scout camps.

Physical training instructor/Game Coach

For the meaningful activities in games, Mr. Saeed Ahmed has been hired to coach our students in games. Our students take part in interschool games competitions and perform considerably well. For having good physique, Mr. Alam Saim gives physical training to our students.

Laboratory assistant

Mr. Waseem Ahmed has been serving the school as lab. Assistant in our science laboratories for the last 20 years. He helps the students well in performing science practicals.

Vocational training instructor

Mrs. Sofia Ibrahim and Mrs. Asgheri Begum are the two well qualified and competent instructors in our vocational Centre. They are the diploma holders in the trade ‘Dress making & Fashion Designing’ They instruct and demonstrate cutting and stitching to the students in a very friendly and relaxed environment.
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